We take pictures for you...

  We are a Freelance photography business that takes photos at public and private events.       We then offer these pictures for you to view and purchase.   The pictures are than made       available in an Online Photo Gallary.  You may order prints and gifts of these photos.  There is no obligation.

  If you are interested in what a Free Lance photographer can and cannot photograph, please      click here to read the "Photographers Bill of Rights" this will require Adobe Acrobat Reader.  

  Please take a moment to read this important information on how to remove photographs...

  If a parent does not desire their child’s photo be posted in a photo gallery, we
  will immediately remove their photo  when child is the main subject in the  picture.

All pictures in the galleries and albums are blocked from being downloaded.. The only way to get a picture is to purchase a print or downloadable file of it.

  If the child is a secondary or tertiary subject and all sets of parents agree we remove           those photos as well.

  To have photos removed, Please send us an e-mail with the following information or feel free    to give us a call.  We will gladly discuss our procedure and promptly remove any photos.

  Gallery Name
  Team Name
  Player Number
  File number (e.g. MC_vs_ Donegal_F001.jpg)

  Upon receipt of this information we will remove the photos within 3 days.

380 S Cope Hill Drive
Manheim, PA 17545